About Me

Im Lucie, and this is the my personal blog, I am the designer and creator behind Quirkii.

This is a little place where I can share my thoughts about growing my business, Etsy finds and anything else I feel like sharing,

Here are a few things about me to get us started:
  • I have "Freak" tattooed on my right arm and my babies names in a graffiti style on my left
  • I love to make midnight sandwiches
  • I drink alot of tea, if not tea, then gin!
  • I have two little people, and am married to one larger person
  • I feel naked without eyeliner
  • I like to write lists, (not great at sticking to them, but I do love the process of making them and thinking like that they may help me stay more organized)
  • I love frosty morning walks with my dog Arnie   

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